Flexbox Align-Content: Space-Between, Space-Around and Space-Evenly

What is align-content

According to the documentation

The CSS align-content property defines how the browser distributes space between and around content items along the cross-axis of their container, which is serving as a flexbox container.

So, in short, this property governs the available space around the items of a flex container in the cross-axis. That means if your flex-flow is row, then the direction of the distribution is vertical. Otherwise, the direction of the distribution is horizontal.

Available values for align-content

You can find all the possible values in the documentation. However, these are the most important ones (I think):

  1. start
  2. end
  3. center
  4. space-between
  5. space-around
  6. space-evenly

What are the space-

Let’s look at the alignment of the items in each case. In our examples, we have a list of boxes. Each box has 5px border(green color) and 10px margin (orange color)


This is the case where the available space is distributed between the items only. There is no space between the container’s border and the first row of the items. The same effect is applied to the last line.


The difference between space-between and space-around is there are space between the container’s border and the first and last lines of items. As you can see in the image below, the height of the space marked number 1 and 4 is a half of 2 and 3.


Similar to space-around, space-evenly assign space between the first and last lines of the items and the container’s border. However, the difference is the spaces marked 1 and 4 are equal 2 and 3.

So, those are the space- values of align-content. I think this property is very useful when align items in a flex container. One last caution is that if the items are arranged in just one line, then you will see no effects applied. The items must be on more than one line.


Stoca Lorel Theme – Beautiful Theme For WooCommerce Store

I make this theme to use on all my store websites. It is built upon the understrap theme so thanks to the author of that awesome theme that made my job much easier.

Please let me know what do you think about the theme. I know there are many improvements to be made but I’m keen on to make this theme the best theme for Woocommerce store.

Excel Software: How To Search For Text Through Multiple Big Excel Files

Working with big Excel spreadsheets never have been easy, especially when you need to search for a piece of text in a file that have thousands, even ten of thousands rows. Searching through a single file can cost you hours, if not days if you work on a slow computer. To make the matter worse, sometimes you need to search in multiple files and search for multiple strings.

Let me give you an example.

I have this excel file contains a list of order from a local store. For some reasons, the owner needs to search for the items with order ID “CA-2016-108210”.

a very big excel file with ten thousands rows
a very big excel file with ten thousands rows

Normally, you would press Ctrl+F or Command + F on a Mac to start searching. The file only has 10,000 rows and it takes me a second to find the match. If there are ten matches, you may need ten seconds. The problem becomes harder when you need to search through many sheets and multiple files.

There is always a better way, right?

Luckily, there is a better way to do this boring task, which is using a pieces of software made exactly to do this task.

Let’s have a look at the software and how it works.

Software to search text in big excel files
Software to search text in big excel files

As you can see, this is the software that solves the searching problem in big excel files. You see its true value when you have many files to search and many text to find. Also, the larger the files, the more time the software can save you.

This is the way this software work step by step:

  1. You select the file or files you need to search by clicking on add excel files button at the top left of the panel. You can select multiple excel files using this button.
  2. Then, enter the text you want to search in these files, you need to enter one search per line. There is no limit.
  3. Click on start searching

It takes some time for the software to go through the files and find the text you want to find. As you can guess, the bigger the files, the longer it takes to find all matches. However, in comparison to a human, the software is much quicker, by hundreds times.


How To Add Class To Single Product In WooCommerce Category Page

If you need to add class to a single product in woocommerce category page, simply go to plugins/woocommerce/templates and copy the file content-product.php to yourtheme/woocommerce

On line 30, you will see the opening <li tag. This is the start of every product in the category page. Simply enter your tag in post_class and you will have your class appears on the category page.

<li <?php post_class("col-md-4 col-xs-6"); ?>>