Coping with competition who has better products

As a solo developer, I usually face a fact that there are products that better than mine in some extends or even many extends. In cases like this, having the right response is important to save myself from negative thoughts.

Step 1: Face the reality

Competitor’s product is better and even I like to use it, it’s a fact. Giving the two products to 100 people and 70 would choose the one that isn’t mine. You may say that owning 30% of the market is that bad. However, the market doesn’t just have two players. There are many others out there. In addition, satisfying being second or worse will make the business go south.

Step 2: Learn from the competitor

The competitor is better for obvious reasons, they have done certain things better than I have. So, the task is to find where they’ve done better and apply, if applicable to my current application.

Step 3: Discover how can both products improve

No product is perfect, even the competitor’s. By inspecting their product in step 2, I had a good idea on how the product can be improved.

Step 4: Apply the changes to the my product

Saying is easy, implementing is hard. However, this step is vital to keep the product relevant to the customers.

Competition is a reality. One can be stressed because of it. Other can learn from it. Which response I choose is completely up to myself.



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